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Jodal Health Care Inc.


1315 Finch Ave. West Suite 304 Toronto, Ontario M3J 2G6

Tel: (416) 398-0078 

Fax: (416) 398-0094






Ayo Alabi, Executive Director of Jodal Health Care Inc., describes his business as a family oriented business of a compassionate service.

Established in 1998, Jodal Health Care Inc. has grown to a staff base of over 250 people. Jodal specializes in providing temporary help to agencies dealing with people with disabilities. We supply clients all over Ontario with professionals such as PSWs, DSWs, SSWs, CYW, RPNs and RNs.                               My Journey to the great country of Canada is not only a dream come true but also fortuitous. We at Jodal play a part in integrating people with developmental disabilities into the community by providing temporary relief front line staffing needs; Jodal has demonstrated a real commitment to this partnership towards a better future in developmental disabilities. 

Jodal Health Care Inc. has continued to be a supporter of various organizations through generous annual donations. In fact, We have an obligation to give back. Money can only buy material needs but it cannot give peace. What gives you peace is what you give back to society for us it is an obligation to give back. 

Ayos philosophy of giving back transcends all aspects of his business, whether it is his insistence on the compassionate care provided by staff workers to people with disabilities, the way he treats his staff as family or in the way he approaches philanthropy. Being the Executive Director of Jodal Health care Inc.has given me an opportunity to be able to reach out to people in my community by providing jobs and to be a part of letting a lot of people realizing their goals in ways of having a job that will take them away from the bondage of welfare. It was this dream that saw me through the initial difficulties I encountered when starting out as a businessman.

My advice to all new comers to this land of opportunity is to try and contribute to the progress of this nation and make it a better place for people coming behind also believe in your self and be sure to follow your goals and dream. Be a part of things positive. 



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