A Business of Caring

Jodal Health Care Inc. since its inception has been synonymous with outstanding achievement
in health care services by providing staffing for nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, respite care and day programs
for children, youth and adult with multiple disabilities, and complex medical needs.

 The staff at Jodal Health Care Inc. are involved in all aspects of the clients daily living, planning, and offer support to their families, while at the same time providing a positive and rewarding experience for all clients.

The primary objective in recruiting our staff is ensuring that they have the proper education for the important task of taking care of vulnerable individuals. The staffs willingness to work with children, youth, and adults who have multiple disabilities and complex medical needs is also taken into consideration.  Our staff receives extensive training in areas such as epilepsy, insulin, inhalers, various wheelchair lifts and other Controlled Acts outlined by the Ministry of Ontario.  Each of our staff must pass an examination and an interview, prior to being hired. 


Staff Programs

Education programs are presented to our staff on a quarterly basis, and are planned by the In Services Co-ordinator.  Topics are chosen to increase knowledge and ability of personnel, enabling them to provide optimal patient care.

The agency updates personnel on new aspects of social issues, such as Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), child and elderly abuse, and alcoholism.

Jodal staff must adjust to varied household rules, or arranging treatment around ethnic, religious ritual, and belief.  Police background checks, medical reports, First Aid and CPR Certification is required of all staff.

Re-Certification for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is provided for staff needing Continuing Education. Our agency provides Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) and Safe Management certification in compliance with the Department of Social Services regulations.  Our agency also provides seminars and workshops to meet these needs, which in turn encourage employee loyalty.

Staff are recruited from areas such as Developmental Service Worker (DSW), Personal Support Worker (PSW), Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), Registered Nurse (RN), Child and Youth Care Worker (CYW) and Health Care Aid (HCA). We have partnered with George Brown College to ensure we have a pool of the top qualified staff available. Our staff has been a model in this field and we assure you by giving us the opportunity we will continue to lead and cultivate high quality care in your loving and warm environment.

We have the belief that health care encompasses the concepts of health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation, the objective being to provide and enable an optimal level of quality of life for the client. Our job as a health care professional is to create a non-threatening environment by being as friendly, understanding, supportive and reassuring as we can possibly be while trying to achieve our ultimate goal.

Our staff with their passion to make life worth living for the elderly, the sick and the physically/mentally challenged will earn Jodal Health Care Inc. a unique place in the health care industry.

Discover the Jodal Health Care Difference!

We provide the care you want where you want it - group home, day program, nursing home, and in home care support services - 24-hour basis. We look forward to serving you.