Company Profile

JODAL HEALTH CARE INC. since it opened its doors in January 1998 has been known for providing outstanding staffing in the health care services field. Jodal provides staffing for long term care homes, group homes, classrooms, hospitals, private in home, residential home, and respite care as well as day programs for children, youth, adults and the elderly with multiple advanced disabilities and complex medical needs.

Jodal Health Care, Inc. has an active staff of over four hundred (400) personal support workers (PSWs), Developmental Service Workers (DSWs), Child and Youth Care Workers (CYWs) and Social Service Workers (SSWs) who are involved in all aspects of their client’s daily living, planning, and support.

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We provide the care you want where you want it - group home, day program, nursing home, and in home care support services - 24-hour basis. We look forward to serving you.