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Net Zero Carbon Footprint Commitment

Declaration of Net Zero Carbon Footprint Commitment

Jodal Health Care Inc. is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future and is committed to contributing positively to our community’s environmental well-being. We affirm our pledge to align with the Ministry of Ontario’s environmental objectives and to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by the year 2025. This declaration underscores our dedication to implementing eco-friendly practices and reducing our carbon emissions across all operations.

In our quest for sustainability, we have undertaken significant steps to minimize our environmental impact. One notable initiative is the complete transition to a paperless system for new employee onboarding. By switching to online registration and document collection processes, we have successfully eliminated paper waste from this aspect of our operations. This measure not only represents our commitment to environmental stewardship but also enhances the efficiency and security of our administrative practices.

Furthermore, Jodal Health Care Inc. is actively investing in energy-efficient technologies, reducing travel emissions through teleconferencing, and engaging in corporate policies that support the reduction of our carbon footprint. We are in the process of conducting a comprehensive review of our operations to identify further opportunities for energy savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Our path to net zero is being shaped by the following actions:

  1. Conducting regular energy audits to identify and implement energy-saving measures.
  2. Encouraging the use of public transportation, carpooling, and the provision of electric vehicle charging stations for our employees.
  3. Sourcing supplies and materials from local vendors to reduce transportation-related emissions.
  4. Investing in renewable energy solutions for our facilities.
  5. Implementing a robust recycling program and promoting waste reduction strategies across all departments.

Jodal Health Care Inc. is not only adhering to the Ministry of Ontario’s climate action plan but is also actively pursuing opportunities to exceed those standards where possible. We believe that with diligent effort, collaboration, and the embrace of innovative solutions, we can achieve our net-zero goal and contribute to a healthier planet.

We are committed to transparency in this journey and will provide regular updates on our progress towards our net-zero commitment. We welcome the support and collaboration of our stakeholders and the community as we advance in our sustainability initiatives.


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