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Gender Equality Declaration

Gender Equity Declaration

Jodal Health Care, Inc.


At Jodal Health Care, Inc., we recognize that gender equity is a fundamental human right and a necessary foundation for a prosperous and sustainable workplace. We believe in the strength of diversity and the power of an inclusive environment where every individual is respected and valued. With this declaration, we commit ourselves to actively pursue gender equity in all aspects of our operations and culture.

Article 1: Commitment to Equity

We are committed to fostering an organizational culture that promotes gender equity, respects gender diversity, and supports the rights of all employees to work in an environment free from gender-based discrimination and harassment.

Article 2: Equal Opportunity

Jodal Health Care, Inc. will ensure equal opportunity in hiring, promotions, training, and compensation for all employees, regardless of gender identity or expression.

Article 3: Work-Life Balance

We will support flexible work arrangements and policies that accommodate the unique life and family needs of all employees, recognizing the importance of a balanced approach to professional and personal responsibilities.

Article 4: Leadership and Representation

We pledge to work toward achieving balanced gender representation in leadership and decision-making positions within our organization, understanding that diverse leadership strengthens our company and the decisions we make.

Article 5: Pay Equity

Jodal Health Care, Inc. is committed to conducting regular pay audits and adjusting pay scales to ensure gender pay equity across all levels of the organization.

Article 6: Professional Development

We will provide equitable access to professional development, mentorship, and advancement opportunities, ensuring that all employees have the resources and support necessary to reach their full potential.

Article 7: Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policies

We will uphold stringent anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies, ensuring a safe and respectful workplace for everyone. These policies will be actively enforced, and violations will be addressed promptly and effectively.

Article 8: External Collaboration

Jodal Health Care, Inc. will engage in partnerships and collaborations that advance gender equity in the healthcare sector and the broader community.

Article 9: Continuous Improvement

We commit to ongoing evaluation and improvement of our gender equity practices and to regular reporting on our progress to all stakeholders.

Article 10: Accountability

Jodal Health Care, Inc. will establish clear mechanisms for accountability to ensure the principles of this declaration are integrated into our day-to-day operations and organizational strategy.

Closing Statement:

Through this Gender Equity Declaration, Jodal Health Care, Inc. affirms its unwavering commitment to creating a workplace that not only complies with gender equity laws but strives to set a standard for excellence and leadership in this critical area. We invite our employees, patients, and partners to join us in this important commitment and to hold us accountable to these principles.

Adopted on January 1, 2023

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