JODAL Health Care, Inc is WBE Certified

Our Services

This is a branch of home care designed to provide relief to a family member or friend caring for a sick patient at home. It allows a home health care worker of JODAL to come in for a few hours a week while the family member takes time to attend to him or herself.

This service provides transportation to physician appointments and any outpatient appointments including shopping malls.

JODAL allows para-professional medical personal certified to provide basic home management, personal care and basic nurse’s aide procedures such as assist in activities of daily living, range of motion exercises, meal preparation and care of the home.

JODAL allows independent professionals such as Registered Nurses (RN), Registered Practical Nurses (RPN), Home Care Aides (HCA), and Personal Support Workers (PSW) to attend to the health care needs of a patient whom is confined to a health care facility or in the patients home. 

Through this program, professional health care personal from JODAL can give around the clock (24 hours) care for the patient in the privacy of the patient’s home.

JODAL provides a service designed to check on children of a patient confined to the hospital or to remind the elderly to take his or her medication in accordance with their doctors’ prescription. 

This is a service provided by JODAL at the patient’s choice of location. Our health care personnel’s duties include such activities as remaining with the patient for a specified period of time and traveling with the patient to outside functions and also to assist the patient as required by the patient’s health care needs.

This service allows our experienced staff to come into a client’s residence and perform duties such as light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, personal care, and local errands as often as needed or whenever the occasion demands.


  • Housekeeping and house sitting
  • Friendly visits and telephone reassurance
  • Weekend care
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Post-Surgery care
  • Supplemental staffing

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